Young Dolph- Slave Owner [New Video]

With Young Dolph spending most of the year sharing new content, the Memphis rapper drops another mind-opening music video, for “Slave Owner.” In promotion of his “Niggas Get Shot Everyday” project.

The video for “Slave Owner” opens up in a mansion of all places. An Uncle Ruckus type character answers the door in a frantic manner, opposite the caucasian landowner who signs off on his release. Cuts to a driveway packed with thick model, watching Dolph as he pulls up in a Wraith.

It’s a mostly funny video that tries to be insightful and takes on a darker context in light of Kanye West’s statements about slavery being a choice. Slavery might be a bad comparison for what record labels can do and have done to artists in the past and the control they can wield over a career, but you get the message that Dolph is anti-label for very real concerns.

Do you think it’s fair to compare record label to slave owners?


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