Watch Clip Of Tekashi 6ix9ine Ordering Hit On Chief Keef’s Cousin Tadoe

This past Wednesday, Tekashi 6ix9ine was transferred from Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center to a facility mostly used to accommodate witnesses. If the troll rapper — who’s facing six RICO and gun charges and life in prison — is singing he better have a good tune because it looks like the Feds have the goods on him.

TMZ just upload a new video that shows the Tekashi arguing with Tadoe on Facetime, walking around outside. “Who’s the last person you shot?” instigates Tekashi. If you recall, the Brooklyn rapper was beefing with Chief Keef and his entourage earlier this year. This video was captured at the end of May. Days later, Keef dodged some bullets when he was shot at in New York. In the video, Tekashi and Tadoe bicker on Facetime for just over two minutes. Near the end of the video, Tekashi asks for Tadoe’s address. “Matter fact, I’ma just get your address. I know where you at,” gloats the “Gummo” rapper. “You gonna be in your crib, or Sosa hotel?,” he asked before hanging up and addressing his crew.

“Yo, I gotta thirty pack on him right now,” Tekashi tells his boys. “Swear to God I gotta thirty pack. Thirty thou cash.”

6ix9ine has denied involvement in Keef’s hotel shooting (the shooters missed.) But in light of that, this is pretty incriminating.

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