Troy Ave Addresses Rumors That He’ll Snitch On Taxstone

Last week Troy Ave dropped the video for his song “2 Legit 2 Quit,” where he seemed to say that he’ll testify against Daryl “Taxstone” Campbell. Taxstone is currently behind bars and facing murder charges in connection with the shooting at Irving Plaza that killed Troy’s bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

On Monday Troy Ave paid 105,1’s The Breakfast Club a visit. During their interview, which lasts more than 45 minutes, Troy speaks on his immediately-controversial new video for his “White Christmas 5” track. “2 Legit 2 Quit.” In the song and video, he allegedly implies he’d take the stand against the incarcerated Taxstone if he had to.

During their interview, Troy avoided questions on whether he’ll testify against Taxstone and instead addressed the concept of snitching on a whole.

“If you’re talking about your life and everything you go through, I been doing that,” said Troy. “At what point is it snitching if you’re talking about yourself? I’m good because I sparked a debate. With the debate that I sparked, not talking about my case, but just in general, eight out of 10 people will be like, ‘I’m not going to jail for somebody else.'”

Troy Ave also said there’s a difference between testifying against someone that you did a crime with and testifying against someone who harmed one of your friends. The Brooklyn rapper also said that staying loyal to the street and all of its rules is stupid.

“The streets is a myth. It’s not real,” he stated. “Nowhere in the real world does the streets count. People have street cred through the roof but their credit score is 500. People in the streets put those type of rules in place to manipulate. The manipulation stagnates [people’s] growth and you stay in an ignorant mind frame.”

What do you think about Troy’s words? Does staying true to the streets and its rules really get you anything?

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