Tory Lanez Says He’s Ready To Smoke Pusha T

Tory Lanez is currently in the middle of a heated but friendly rap battle with Joyner Lucas. And he has his eyes on a bigger prize.

On Wednesday, DJ Akademiks made a post, saying how Tory is feeling himself too much and how the industry needs someone to humble him, name-dropping Pusha T for example. Well, Tory caught Ak’s post and threatened to make short of Drake-slayer Pusha T.

“I love Pusha… but the way I would smoke him would be unfair” Tory says. Then he immediately responded again, asking Pusha T to step up to the challenge. “Matter of fact, tell him to step up too… we are accepting all smoke” he wrote leaving a heart emoji at the end.

Pusha T, who’s wiping off the bear OVO goons threw at him during his show in Toronto last night, hasn’t commented yet.

Is Tory feeling himself too much here, or has the jabs he took at Joyner Lucas been eye-opening?

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