Tiffany Foxx Is Accusing Nicki Minaj Of Being A Blackballing Bully

Cardi B isn’t the only accusing Nicki Minaj of actively working to stop her bag.

Rapper and Love & Hip Hop star Tiffany Foxx spoke on Nicki’s conniving ways during an interview with Ts Madison.

During her Interview, Foxx spoke about her upcoming project, to which she’s announcing a new single next week, before getting into tea spillage zones. Madison claimed that she wasn’t trying to get messy but the host, who sided with Nicki Minaj during her feuds with Cardi B and Lil Kim, continued to bring up the current topics surrounding Nicki Minaj’s bag stoppage allegations.

Tiffany said that Minaj has tried some “punk shit” with her as well, becoming the latest to accuse the star of holding other women back. She said, “She doesn’t want to look like she’s hating, or being emotional or pressed, so she does just enough so it’ll make it like she supports somebody. Don’t be bitter and don’t be hating on other girls. I’m not saying this just because the masses is saying this. Nicki has definitely interrupted me being on red carpets. Times I’m supposed to be nominated — out of nowhere, it’s a problem. And it gets back to me that it’s affiliated with her.”

Jump to the 18-minute mark to hear Foxx spill tea. Also, Nicki, as a bag stopped, has been a trending topic on Twitter today, and Minaj has jumped in on the joke that might not be such a joke.

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