Report: G-Eazy Arrested For Assault & Cocaine Possession In Sweden

G-Eazy has been arrested after allegedly swinging some punches at an unlucky security guard at a club in Sweden, leading police to discover the rapper stash of cocaine.

According to TMZ G Eazy was out at a club after his show on Wednesday night in Stockholm where he was reportedly “acting belligerent.” when security guards approached him to quell his actions, the rapper went full of Mayweather, started dropping shells of punches on one unlucky guard.

After the attack, he was eventually detained by police, who discovered a bag of cocaine in the rapper’s pocket. TMZ’s sources report that G-Eazy has been taken into custody “on suspicion of assault, posseion of narcotics and use of narcotics.”

G-Eazy’s team has yet to publicly address the reported incident, but the rapper was busy posting clips on his Instagram before his supposed arrest. Also, Sean Kingston and Halsey were at the club with him at the time of the incident, according to his Instagram account.

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