Report: Frank Ocean Files Cease And Desist Against Travis Scott Over “Astroworld” Vocals

Another week, another beef is stewing: Frank Ocean and Travis Scott are reportedly on the outs. Last month, Ocean appeared on Scott’s Astroworld on the song “Carousel,” but according to TMZ, Ocean now wants his parts legally removed from the album and has filed a cease and desist order to get it done.

Sources close to the singer and rapper tell TMZ

“Frank and Travis started beefing in the weeks leading up to the August release of Travis’ “Astroworld” album, which immediately shot up to No. 1 on Billboard. The beef’s about “Carousel” featuring Frank.

According to the publication, Frank’s PISSED because his vocals — featured in the chorus and third verse, were changed. It’s unclear what changes were made. Frank’s voice includes Auto-Tune and his pitch is noticeably higher in the third verse than in the chorus, but we are not sure what’s got Frank so upset.

Here’s what we do know — Frank’s rage has been so real he’s been demanding Travis remove his part in the track, but to no avail. Our sources say lawyers are now involved. We’re told Frank’s legal team fired off a cease and desist to Travis’ team to remove him from “Carousel” … OR ELSE!”

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