Quentin Miller Says He Ghostwrote Wiz Khalifa Hit, Sends Shots At Drake

In a series of deleted Tweets, Quentil Miller claimed the Wiz Khalifa smash “Letterman” was originally his and was taken from him without his full permission.

“don’t even know if wiz knows that I was part of “Letterman”… we, didn’t speak at all actually… song was given to him by a 3rd party… that’s the fun life if being a writer ???? “

“Was actually a song for myself. I sent to an artist to see if he would throw a verse on it… next thing u know it was a wiz record… like, cut and everything… what ima do? Stop it?? Fuck na lol”

“Being a writer is like being an offensive lineman…. they win games no doubt.. but who grows up like “when I grow up I wanna be the number 1 center in the nfl”?? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s not a lot in that group lol

Btw Shoutout to @wizkhalifa … internet be takin shit outta context… hopefully we’ll work fr one of these days…”

Also, the famous ghostwriter took shot at Drake, who he will always be liked to as a ghostwriter, when somebody asked him if he was going to do another song with Drake.

“Never doing anything with that guy again…”

That Tweet also got deleted. But Miller said that wasn’t because of the power of Drake.

“Deleted that tweet not out of fear.. I literally don’t even care for that to become a thing… we’re finished.. he’s doing him, I’m doing me… point blank… “enjoy if you’re reading this”… that’s it tho.. shit dead”

A few years back, nobody knew who Quentin Miller was. But know he is one of the more recognizable names in the hip hop world for controversial reasons. Quentin Miller still releases music on the regular but he’s more known for his writing ability…especially on Drake records. When the beef between Meek Mill and Drake was at its height, it was revealed that Drake used QM as a ghostwriter, one of the most stunning allegations of the entire year.

Miller is dropping a new project today.

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