Nasty C Makes Crowd Go Nuts At First Stop On “The Ivyson Tour” [New Video]

And just like that, Nasty C has officially launched his “ The Ivyson Tour,” and predictably, fans went absolutely crazy at the first stop in Castle Of Good Hop, Cape Town. On Saturday night (August 26), Check out the footage from the first show above.

In the clip we get to see Nasty C perform his hit single, “NDA” and the whole crowd recites every last word of the song. At one point, he stops the music and went acapella with the crowd, allowing them to assist him in handling the bars. Of course, they do so without missing a beat. Safe to say they love themselves some Nasty C, and the feeling is mutual.

Riding the wave of his successful “Bad Hair” and “Bad Hair Extension” albums, Nasty C is sure to run into more energetic crowds over the course of his tour, which will see him go across Africa.

Watch the first episode of his performance above. Also, check out Gemini Major’s energetic performance below.

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