Meek Mill Just Caught Another Win On His Case

Meek Mill is now free to start walking to the cash outside of his hometown Philadelphia.

According to a new report Judge Brinkley has amended the order regarding his bail conditions, and he now has the approval to travel outside of Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County for scheduled business activities. But he has to submit his travel plans to the probation department 72 hours in advance.Also, the amended order allows him to live in Montgomery Co. The original bail conditions required him to live in neighboring Philadelphia County.

Meek Mill is required to submit one urine test per month. The new amendment was signed on Friday, and Meek took advantage and flew out to New York for some business meetings with 76ers owner Michael Rubin, and Roc Nation management team.

Earlier this month, in a major victory for Mill, prosecutors said they agreed with his lawyers that he should get a new trial because of questions raised about the arresting officer. The now-retired officer was among a list of police officers the prosecutor’s office has sought to keep off the witness stand in cases across the city because of credibility questions.

“There’s not a fair-minded judge in the city. This county. This state or in this country who wouldn’t when a district attorney says grant a new trial, grant a new trial.”

Meek is due back in mid-June unless the judge rules prior to the hearing.

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