Meek Mill Judge’s Investigation Supported By Two Social Justice Organizations

Judge Genece Brinkley has made herself a notorious judge with the highest rates of jailing people for probation violation, Jessica Jackson, who is the National Director of #Cut50 as well as the Mayor of Mill Valley, CA expressed how alarming it is that a judge like Genece Brinkley makes decisions for the community.

While Meek Mill is currently locked up and fulfilling his two-to-four years prison sentence, two major social justice organizations are placing their focus on the judge who sent him away. #Cut50 and Color of Change are calling for an ethics investigation into Philadelphia Judge.

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According to the organizations, Brinkley’s “Statement of Financial Interest” forms with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court from 2007 until 2016 reportedly show 44 instances where she did not disclose receiving rental income, her ownership interest in multiple businesses, as well as her status as an officer of one of those businesses.

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts says that judges in the East Coast state are required to fill out the forms each year and disclose certain real estate assets, gift, debt, income sources and corporate affiliations that includes information for their spouse.

The organizations discovered that Brinkley omitted profit information on real estate 16 different times, including properties at 1950 Castor not being disclosed eight times, as well as the proceeds earned from 1111 Wakening street until 2012.

Jessica Jackson, National Director of #cut50 and Mayor of Mill Valley shares her sentiments on the matter in a statement.

“It’s shocking and concerning to me that this judge, with her history of inappropriate and unethical conduct, continues to be in a position to make critical decisions,” she explains. “As an elected official myself, I’m very familiar with the importance of disclosures and the consequences associated with failing to abide by both the letter and spirit of disclosure laws. Transparency is the cornerstone of any good government. If an official or a judge cannot be trusted to be transparent and ethical, how we possibly trust them with power over people’s lives? We must hold our judges to the highest ethical standard to preserve trust and confidence in our criminal justice system.”

You could read more on the missions #Cut50 here and Color of Change here.

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