“Me Against Time” (Episode 6) Featuring ECHLN [New Video]

ECHLN (pronounced Echelon) is a South African producer audio engineer based in Cape Town ECHLN is among the most talked about producers in Cape Town, thanks to his signature blend of electronic mixed with soul, R&B and lo-fi deep house beats released across his “SWAY” EP, which has gathered over 41,000 streams on Soundcloud alone.

He has worked with a wild range of artists like Mavi, Phoenix, Zaki Ibrahim & Langa, just to name a few. We wanted to see how he does it, so we linked up with him at the studio for this week’s episode of “Me Against Time,” and challenged him to make a beat in just 10 minutes. The result? A chill smoky beat

Watch the episode above, and look out for his upcoming single “Right Now,” a collaboration with fellow South African producer, who’s based in Johannesburg KaeB. Also, you can listen to “SWAY” EP below, and if you a fan, you can cop it here on Spotify or Apple Music.

2 thoughts on ““Me Against Time” (Episode 6) Featuring ECHLN [New Video]

  1. Hi I am a Durban based producer. i would like to enter “Me against time” i specialse in all styles of music. but i believe i can make a Gqo. beat in less than 10 minutes using any software.

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