Kendrick Lamar’s — ELEMENT Video Is Now An Art Exhibition

“Element” a track from Kendrick Lamar’s iconic “DAMN” album, which received visual treatment a couple of months back.The video featured a couple of visual nods to iconic photographer Gordon Parks,is now been turned into a full-scale art exhibition.

The video directly recreated several images, including the 1963 photo “Boy With Junebug,” “Untitled” — the 1956 photo from Parks’ “Segregation Stories” series — “Ethel Sharrief,” a 1963 photo from his “The White Man’s Day Is Almost Over” photo essay about Black Muslims, as well as photos from Parks’ 1948 “Harlem Gang Leader” series.

Peter W. Kunhardt,jr., who is the Executive Director of The Gordon Parks Foundation, said in a statement.

“The “Element” video has been transformed into a full-scale art exhibition titled “ELEMENT: Gordon Parks and Kendrick Lamar.” It’s no secret that the visual for the Kendrick song was a direct homage to the iconic photographer, Gordon Parks, which deliberately recreated some of his best -know images, such as “Boy With Junebug” and “Untitled,” as well as photos form Parks’ “Harlem Gang Leader” series, which debuted in 1948. All in all, the music video is a striking tribute to this artistic titan, and the foundation felt it more than appropriate to have “Element” live alongside the rest of Parks’ work, at least for the time being. Gordon Park’s work is continuing to have a great impact on young people — and particularly on artist like Kendrick who, use the power of imagery to examine issues related to social justice and race in our country.”

“ELEMENT: Gordon Parks and Kendrick Lamar is on show at the Gordon Park Foundation from now until February 9, 2018.

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