Kash Doll Shares Her Verse That Was Removed From Cardi B’s “She Bad” Featuring YG

Detroit female rapper Kash Doll has steadily been on the rise in the music scene, she has been consistent in feeding her fans with fresh new music and video, and as her stock continues to grow, she is regarded as one of the top female rappers at the moment. Like Cardi B, Kash Doll started her career stripping and modeling.

Last night Kash Doll went on Instagram to share her verse that was removed from Cardi B’s record, “She Bad,” featuring YG. “Either Gucci or Chanel because them type of toys/if it ain’t about that then kill that type of noise,” Doll raps over the infectious beat.

Kash reveals that she recorded the song in January, but she didn’t want to say why her verse didn’t end up on the album. ” I don’t even want to talk about what happened with the song, but since it’s about to come out I know I’m going to have to speak on it,” Kash says.

There hasn’t been any known beef or bad blood between the two, but Kash Doll was critical about Cardi received the Spirit of Detroit award due to the fact that she’s not a native, However, the incident occurred before Kash Doll says she recorded her verse.

UPDATE: Kash Doll has further explained the situation in a separate Instagram live-stream added below.


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