Report: Kanye West Flew back To Mountain Top To Put Final Touches On Album

Kanye is now the most recent celebrity to be boycotted for his recent remarks. His recent comments on slavery sounding “like a choice” was met with outrage, to say the least. People can argue that he has the right to free speech and his opinion, however, he was pretty much stating false or right information depending who’s looking at it, on a major platform. Well, people are now taking their boycott to the next level as they want Adidas to drop Kanye West and Yeezy entirely.

A new petition on Care2 is urging Adidas to drop Kanye West and Yeezy. ‘Ye’s Yeezy brand was initially done as a collaboration with Nike before he went to Adidas for a much more promising deal.

While the petition is picking up steam, TMZ is reporting that Kanye West has flew out of L.A. on Wednesday for the secluded home he’s rented that is literally on a mountaintop in Wyoming. Kanye has spent a lot of time there, as he believes staying there is staying away from all commotions and social media, which allows his mind to be on a right place as he works on his music. Kanye has flown in a couple of rappers and producer to help with his music and he┬áplans to fly in more.

TMZ are reporting that Kanye is not at all bothered by the fallout at TMZ Live or the petition that is currently making rounds on the internet. To the contrary, he has told people the episode was “fire” and got people thinking.. which he says was his goal.

The first album is due out May 25.. and 4 more will follow.

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