Kanye West Attempted To Have Donald Trump And Colin Kaepernick Meet

Colin Kaepernick received a call that he may not have been the most receptive of. Kanye West recently shared how he tried to get Colin Kaepernick and President Donald Trump to have a seat down.

In the latest wild things to go on with Kanye, he returned to TMZ where he delivered the message about the attempt to try to get Kaep to walk into the White House for a meeting.

“I’ve been calling Colin this morning, reaching him, so I can bring Colin to the White House and we can remove that ‘sons of bitches’ statement and we can be on the same page,” West shared.

In other news, Kanye West’s new album has been delayed by a couple months. His Wife, Kim Kardashian West, took to Twitter to announce that “Yandhi” will now arrive on Friday, Nov, 23, aka Black Friday.

“Nov 23 Black Friday,” tweeted Kim. “YANDHI TRUST ME it is worth the wait.”

The album was originally set to be released on Saturday, Sept. 29, the same day Kanye performed on “SNL” with Lil Pump, Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla $ign, Teyana Taylor, and 070 Shake.

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