Jaden Smith Insists He’s In A Sexual Relationship With Tyler, The Creator

Fans have been trying to figure out whether rapper Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator are a couple. It all began when Jaden Smith, who is the son of actor Will Smith and said during a concert that Tyler, the Creator “is my f**king boyfriend,” Smith said in a not-suitable-for-work video that has gone viral. “And he’s been my my m****f***ing boyfriend my whole f**king life.”

Tyler has said he’s attached to men and Jaden wears dresses so it wasn’t completely out of left field that the two would be dating.

However, both Jaden and Tyler like to troll, so there was a lot of doubt as to how real their relationship was.

But the Son Of Will isn’t backing down. In fact, he doubled down on his assertion during his Beats 1 Radio show MSFTS Frequency

” Yes, I love Frank Ocean,” he said during the episode. “Speaking of Frank Ocean, I actually was just at Flog Gnaw not too long ago, I met Lauryn Hill, that was actually one of the best moments of my life. And I recently said that Tyler The Creator is my boyfriend, and that’s true. So, just so you know. Yeah, it was fun. Flog Gnaw was like the best set ever, like, Golf Wang [Tyler’s fashion label] is really, everything.”

You buying this?

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