The Game Says Kanye Should Be Worried About Threat From Crips, Gives ‘Ye Some Advice

The Crip threat is very real, according to The Game. Yesterday Daz Dillinger got his name on the front page after he called out a national alert to all of his Crips homie to “fuck Kanye up.”

Over the past couple of days Kanye West, has been upsetting people with his new found positive stance on Donald Trump. So far the most troubling enemy he has upseted with his statements has to be Daz Dillinger, a West Coast rapper who asked his fellow gang brothers to attack Kanye West on sight in California. Daz anger stemmed from a lyric from Kanye’s recent track “Ye Vs The People,” that says, “Like a gang truce, the first Blood to shake the Crip’s hand.”

Following Daz threats,┬ácelebrities are coming forward to inform Kanye not to take Daz threats lightly. Most notable is Game, the Compton rapper who also likes to get this name in the news, and he was more than happy to comment on Daz words when TMZ caught up with him. “If Daz Dillinger threatens you, you should damn sure feel threatened,” the Blood said of his rival Crip. “Ask Trump for some security,” he adviced ‘Ye.

Daz also suggested he was going to lock ‘Ye out of California (Which happens to be where he lives).

Also, TMZ, are reporting that the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept has taken an interest in Daz’s threats, and are currently in the process of analyzing the video for any sign of a “prosecutable crime.” Apparently, the cops have reached out to Kanye and his team, although the West camp has yet to respond.

Check out what Game has to say below.

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