Future – No Shame (Feat. PartyNextDoor) [New Music]

Future caught a bunch of attention after,once again, clearing his Instagram page. Deleting all images on IG has quckly become a universal way to let fans know something is coming. Well, something did…

Today he comes with a new single, “No Shame” featuring PartyNextDoor. The track will stand as the lead single for the upcoming soundtrack to the film “Superfly.” Fans of Future will be glad to hear the rapper tapping into his creative juices once again as he assumes co-production roles on the upcoming “Superfly” remake, Future will be working extensively on the soundtrack.

“No Shame” featuring Party is a smooth track, easy to listen to throughout. Future graces the background vocals with plenty of harmonies and melodious, auto-tuned runs, giving interesting depth to the song.

Listen to the slow tempo flow that Future and P.N.D. collaborate above.

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