Eminem – Lucky You (Feat. Joyner Lucas) [New Music]

The hottest topic in Hip-Hop is still Eminem’s surprise Kamikaze album release.
With plenty of shots fired at several artists and even media personalities, the album is a sure hit with the fans.

Such a hit, in fact, it’s number 1 on the Billboard 200 with 431K in first week sales and is projected to hold that top spot this week.

Em has already released a video for “Fall”, so the Joyner Lucas-featured heat rock, “Lucky You” is “Kamikaze’s” second visual.

When he announced that the video would be dropping on Wednesday, many spent the day cruising through his YouTube page, refreshing so they could be the first to view the video in case it contained a response to MGK. While it never ended up dropping yesterday with Em apologizing to the fans, he did come through early today so he’s forgiven.

The video shows the two lyricists getting surrounded by a group of hooded men with red eyes, copying everything the artists do and mimicking their movements. The references to Em’s influence are clear in this one and Joyner looks like he fits in perfectly next to one of the greats. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

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