Chris Brown Goes Full In On Kanye West: “This Man Is A Clown!”

While other celebrities have taken the soft road with Kanye West, Chris Brown took the high way, as he did not couch his criticism of Kanye by reiterating his love for him or citing his genius. Likely referring to Kanye’s recent platinum track “Waves,” Brown even blew off the track as some kind of evidence for why people should still pay attention to him. Chris went on to say Kanye was “on a path to destruction.”

Chris started his fully-capitalized statement, “THIS IS JUST ENTERTAINMENT TO YALL. I DONT GIVE A FUCK!!!!” While Ye’s current album rollout does feel somewhat cinematic, Chris is pointing out a reluctance some are experiencing in speaking out. He continued, “THIS MAN IS A CLOWN! OUR SONG JUST WENT PLATINUM BUT FUCK THAT! CMON BRUH, and if any flunkies gotta problem,, SEE ME… please!” Brown was not finished there, urging POCs around the world to drown out his noise, writing, “PLEASE BLACK PEOPLE… DO NOT FOLLOW THIS NIGGA ON HIS PATH TO DESTRUCTION! WHATEVER HELP U THINK I NEED…. GET IT FOR HIM ASAP! IMA FAN OF THIS MANS MUSIC SO WHAT HE SAYS IS LISTENED TO AND INTERNALIZED. WAKE THE HELL UP KANYE…. PLEASE. SLAVERY WAS A CHOICE???????? Whattttttt??????”

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