Charlamagne Tha God & Taylor Bennet Declare Hip Hop “Gay As F*ck”

Chance the Rapper’s brother is Taylor Bennett. Last year he, became one of the first rappers to come out as gay. Today he made a stop at The Breakfast Club, and during their conversation with Charlamagne, they came to an agreement on something rather provocative: Hip Hop is really gay.

“I think people make a misunderstanding that there’s a disconnection with the LGBTQ and the Hip Hop community, when there’s a huge disconnection between the LGBTQ and the black community,” Bennett said when asked if he thinks Hip Hop is still homophobic.

“Hip Hop is gay as hell,” CTG jumped in.

“Hip Hop is gay as fuck” Bennett agreed.

“There are so many gay people in Hip Hop,” CTG added.

He also extends this sentiment to his homophobic haters.

“I want your kids to feel comfortable. N*gga, you can hate on me but Imma put this out and make sure that when your kid is in school that he gets to be whoever the f*ck he wanna be.”

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