Cassper Nyovest Dragged For Old Homophobic Tweet

Cassper Nyovest is in a hot situation right now, after Twitter folks dug up an old comment about gay people. The homphobic comment was made in a tweet that was shared nearly a decade ago.

The Twitter streets are lighting up after a number of Twitter user stumbled across a tweet where Cassper Nyovest was seen to be commenting on Frank Ocean’s music video. “Wait.. Frank ocean shot a video with a male love interest?? I mean it’s one thing to be gay nigga but.. Wobona yanong.”

At the time, not many caught wind of his comments but that same tweet came back to hurt him in 2018. In other words, this might be a good photoshop job, from those trying to put dirt on Cassper Nyovest name.

Also, the Tweeter street are accusing the rapper of mistreating a member of the LGBTI community. “You humiliated my Best friend @CassperNyovest in front of your squad just because he wanted to take a picture. That is really disdainful, I really lost respect for you and this tweet from 2012 just affirmed that you aren’t for the LGBTI+ COMMUNITY.”

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