Bizarre “Dear Tyler” (Tyler, The Creator Diss Track) [New Music]

To be fair member of D12 has reason to be salty at Tyler, The Creator. In 2014, Tyler said that Shady Records “Shady XV” compilation which Bizarre was a part of was so bad that Eminem needed an intervention.

Today, Bizarre decided to come for Tyler, who has been in the news lately for seemingly coming out of the closet on his upcoming album “Scum Fuck:Flower Boy.” Bizarre drops a diss track, using Tyler’s sexual orientation against him in the record titled “Dear Tyler.”

In his bars, Bizarre brings up Tyler’s negative review of “Shady XV” and accuses him of stealing his style. He also gay baits Tyler with bars suggesting the Odd Future rapper has no balls and wears leopard skin underwear. “Now you and Frank Ocean can share a bottle of lotion/Get in the hot tub and make a love potion,” Bizarre spits.”

The big question is, is it fair that Bizarre is using Tyler’s new orientation to settle an old grudge?

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